DJ Dave Retires from the Brandin' Iron

"The live concerts were always the greatest thing for me."

October 8, 2019

Photo: Mark Cutler / Brandin' Iron


For twenty seven years, the most recognizable voice inside the Brandin' Iron in San Bernardino has been that of David Byrd, better known as DJ Dave, his dolcet tones calling out line dances, couples' dances, and drink specials....and occasionally joining whatever band was playing on stage to sing or play guitar (arguably, his specialty is "Margaritaville"). 

But last month, that all came to an end, when, in his typical, unassuming fashion, Dave stepped down from the mic, and into retirement.

Well....kind of. Despite not being at the B.I., Dave is still busier than ever, thanks to an active voiceover career, which has really started to take off. Our original interview wound up getting pushed back 45 minutes so he could take care of a client who needed the read right away. 

"I'd been there for 27 years," Dave reported when we finally connected over the phone. "Late night scheduling wasn't conducive to getting up and doing commercials during the day."

Past voiceover projects have included the Harley Davidson Slot Machine, Ram Trucks, and Sam's Club, among others.

Originally from Oklahoma, Dave moved to the L.A. area in the early '80s as a musician and singer, then returned to Southern California in the late '80s after a brief homecoming to Oklahoma. He was hired at the Brandin' Iron in 1992, just a few weeks before it opened. He was also heard on-air at K-Frog from 2000-2004, using the air name, "David Hasselhop."

He's seen a lot at the B.I. in those twenty-seven years. "Most I can't talk about!" he joked. "It was like 'The Sixth Sense,' when he says, 'I see dead people,'? I see drunk people!" he laughed.

"The live concerts were always the greatest thing for me, because we had so many incredible artists come through on their way up to stardom - Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney, Lee Brice, Thomas Rhett - the list goes on and on....

"A lot of them came back three or four times, so I think that was probably the coolest thing, plus everybody is so sweet," he added. "It was just a joy to be there with people."

So what's next? "Enjoying having my nights! Now it's just really strange because now I can go out on a Friday or Saturday night, and I truly don't know where to go or what to do! I've been working all this time, so that's the funny thing about it - this is all new to me, which is kind of cool. I have my days filled with voiceover business, and my nights are free, which is something I've never experienced for many, many years."

He has promised to give the B.I. one more night, although he won't be officially working, as a retirement party has been planned for Saturday, October 19th.