Dustin Lynch's "Tullahoma:" New at Nine

Dustin Lynch's fourth album is named for his hometown!

January 16, 2020
Dustin Lynch

Photo: Michael Loccisano / Getty Images


Album releases become available for download Fridays at midnight East Coast Time. Since that's 9pm Thursday night West Coast Time, every Thursday night, Pepper picks her favorite songs from the new country albums and plays them on K-Frog for New at Nine! Here are her picks for this week.

Dustin Lynch's fourth album is named for his hometown of Tullahoma, Tennessee! “Every song on Tullahoma, there’s a reason it’s there,” Dustin explains in a press release. “A lot of that points back to the people who raised me, and growing up with a lifestyle where I could go outside and have fun, explore and try new things in the great outdoors.

“It’s kind of about being that kid and learning all those things. That’s my story, but I think we all can relate to the kid who’s discovering, the kid who’s figuring out love for the first time, all that good stuff.”

Here are the songs I played from Tullahoma for New at Nine tonight:

1. Momma's House

2. Good Girl

3. Ridin' Roads