"I Love My Country" Was Almost the One That Got Away from Florida Georgia Line

"It turned into one of our favorites."

June 23, 2020
Florida Georgia Line

Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images


Sometimes, singers hear a song and know right away that it's a hit. Other times, it takes some time to really grow on them. Such is the case for Florida Georgia Line's latest single, "I Love My Country.". 

“Funny enough, I don’t think we ever thought about it at first," confesses the duo's Tyler Hubbard in a statement from their label. "I think we just listened to it as a demo, and we get demos every week and we listen to ‘em, and that one just kind of kept sticking around. That one was so catchy, so fun. 

"We even pitched it to a couple of buddies, and everybody loved it but it never ended up getting’ recorded," he continues. "And finally, we came back and we were like, ‘Yeah, we need to record this song, this is a jam!’ You know, let’s put some FGL sauce on it, and let’s get it out. 

"So, this song kinda came to life and it turned into one of our favorites, and it was so much fun to create and bring to life.”