Justin Moore's Kids Are Ballerinas and Baseball Players

"She just is obsessed with it."

April 12, 2019
Justin Moore

Photo: Jason Kempin / Getty Images


Justin Moore and his wife have four children: three girls and a boy, who's still an infant, and they try to expose their kids to as many different activities as possible to make them well-rounded.

“The two older ones both like to sing, and Ella’s a really good singer but, she don’t want to come on stage," reveals Justin in a statement from his label. "Now, my middle one, Kennedy, she does ballet. And she’s kind of the one that, in the living room wants to be performing and do all that stuff. So, we’ll see if she develops a singing voice or not, she’s got her like a raspy voice which would be really cool if she could sing.

"But no, she played softball this year as well.  She’s played for the last couple of years and I said, ‘You want to play softball next year?’ because we’re going to start getting Ella hitting lessons in the offseason. She goes ‘No, I think I just want to be a real ballerina.’ She just is obsessed with it, eats it up.  So I guess we’ll have one ball player [and] one ballerina.”