Kathy Mattea Presented with Berklee’s American Master Award

“To have the opportunity to love on these kids is one of the greatest gifts in my life."

March 19, 2019
Kathy Mattea

Photo: Terry Wyatt / Getty Images


Congratulations to country legend Kathy Mattea, who has been presented with the prestigious Berklee College of Music's American Master Award last night (March 18th) as part of the school's annual trip to Nashville. 

“Kathy is a great friend of Berklee, having visited the campus several times, providing valuable mentorship through workshops and master classes in both Boston and Nashville,” said Berklee President Roger H. Brown, during the presentation of the award. “Her warmth and expertise are on full display when she’s with our students, and we are fortunate to consider her part of our extended Berklee family.”

“That the arc of my career, my triumphs and especially my regrets, might inform these young musicians, is a profoundly humbling experience,” Kathy noted in a clinic following the ceremony. “I walk out of here high for days on the joy of our connection, one based on a mutual fire we all carry and recognize in each other: that drive to express ourselves deeply, honestly, in the world, through music.”

“To have the opportunity to love on these kids, who have worked so hard and are on the brink of launching into their careers, is one of the greatest gifts in my life,” the "18 Wheels and a Dozen Roses" singer continued. “It’s added layers of meaning to my own journey, and a perspective on my life and work that is unique and was totally unexpected.”

Kathy Mattea performs at the Irvine Barclay Theatre on the campus of UC Irvine on Saturday, March 30th.