Lady A's Hillary Scott Pursues Her Dream, For Her Kids

"It’s hard to leave them when they’re your world."

July 31, 2020
Hillary Scott of Lady A

Photo: Aaron J. Thornton / Getty Images


Like many parents, Lady A's Hillary Scott feels the pressure of maintaining a balance between parenthood and career.

“I feel like I’m being pulled by both my arms and I’m a perforated page," she explains in a statement from the band's label. "That’s how it will always be. The pull of parenthood and the pull of a calling and a dream that we’re so blessed to be able to chase and do and call our career. So it’s very, very right on the surface and raw. 

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"And I think about other families like moms coming back from maternity leave," she continues. "I think about my best friend whose husband’s in the Navy and deploys for months at a time. I mean, you can really think about any walk of life, any job, the pull of parenthood, it’s hard for anybody to leave their house. 

"Even if you leave in the morning at 8:00 and come home at 5:00, it’s hard to leave them when they’re your world, they’re your responsibility, but wanting them to understand, because we have children to raise them up to be good humans, that this is a part of life and to chase a dream and want them to find the same thing.”