Lindsay Ell Sells Out the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood [Setlist]

Guitar goddess Lindsay Ell owned the Hotel Cafe Sunday night.

January 20, 2019
Lindsay Ell

Photo: Jeremy Long / USA TODAY Sports


Guitar goddess Lindsay Ell owned the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood Sunday night (January 20th), playing a sold-out show presented by Boots on Stage.

She delighted the audience with several songs from her full-length debut The Project, noting that "Champagne" was inspired by her crush on Justin Timberlake. She growled through "Space" and showcased her soaring vocals on "Wildfire." 

She included "Stop This Train," from her The Continuum Project, the result of a homework assignment given to her by her producer on The Project, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, who, prior to working on her own collection, asked her what her favorite album of all time was, and upon hearing her answer (John Mayer's Continuum), instructed her to record her own version. 

As she looks forward to returning to the studio with Kristian later this week, she pondered the possibility of recording the brand new "Temptation," which embraces the excitement of finding oneself outside of a relationship, while a friend's breakup provided the impetus for her unreleased, empowering "Not Another Me."

While the Hotel Cafe is arguably a terrible place to watch a show (the stage isn't very high, and support pillars block some audience views), it is an exquisite place to hear a concert, thanks to its sublime acoustics. 

Opening the concert was Liddy Clark, Jesse LaBelle, and Southern California's Kaitlyn Weathers, who put in a sultry, playful performance. 


Lindsay Ell:

1. Wildfire

2. Champagne

3. Mint

4. Waiting on You

5. Stop This Train (John Mayer cover)

6. Not Another Me

7. Sittin' on the Doc of the Bay (Otis Redding cover)

8. Temptation

9. Space

10. Criminal


Kaitlyn Weathers

1. Pain Killer (Little Big Town cover)

2. Night Light

3. Don't Lose the Moon

4. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

5. Islands

6. Slow Motion

7. Lovers Ledge

8. We Got a One Way ticket