Little Big Town Learned to Trust Themselves In Producing New Album

"Let’s just follow our gut, because it’s usually right."

January 16, 2020
Little Big Town

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images


For their new album Nightfall, Little Big Town did something they'd never done before, and sat in the producer's chair.

“I think we learned to trust ourselves. I don’t know that we’ve really trusted ourselves as much as we have on these last two records,” muses Kimberly Schlapmann in a statement from the band's label. The project includes the quartet's current single, "Over Drinking," and the critically acclaimed "The Daughters."

While they've co-produced projects before, this time they were all on their own, and the growth was obvious. “I think it’s confidence, experience, because we maybe weren’t quite ourselves in the past a few times, so we learned to, let’s just follow our gut, because it’s usually right, and if it’s not, we’ll live with it," Kimberly continues. "But we do trust ourselves more now. We’re braver.”

LBT will play the Theatre at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles Thursday, April 23rd and Friday, April 24th.