Local Country Artist Pleas for People to Wear Masks After COVID-19 Diagnosis

"The consequences far outweigh the temporary inconvenience of wearing a mask."

June 24, 2020

Photo: Janna Danilova / iStock / Getty Images Plus


A local country musician is pleading with people to wear masks after he was diagnosed with COVID-19 after his band performed at a local bar. 

In a post that's now gone viral, Dave Bernal of the Just Dave Band describes his excitement and nervousness getting ready to play their first gig in months, and also his apprehension over not wanting to be singled out for wearing a mask. He then describes his shame and disappointment after his diagnosis a week later, especially after his son also contracted the disease. 

"This post’s intention is not to spread panic or blame, just to give you a face to the disease, in case you need one to justify the measures you are taking to keep you and your family safe," he writes. "As embarrassing as it is telling you this way, given the circumstances, I want you to be able to use ME, tag me, even, whenever anyone in person or online tries to discredit the reach and the severity of Covid-19. It is right here.

"And please, I know you have your feelings on the matter, but trust me when I tell you, the consequences far outweigh the temporary inconvenience of wearing a mask," he adds. "And whether or not this changed your mind, mask on! You could save more lives than just your own."

Fortunately, it sounds like Dave is on the mend, and his son Cash also quickly recovered. 

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