Mark Wystrach of Midland Recalls a Special Family Thanksgiving Tradition

November 19, 2018

Photo: Larry McCormack /


When Mark Wystrach of Midland thinks about the true meaning of Thanksgiving, his mind automatically goes to his family's ranch in Arizona, surrounded by family and friends. "I’ve got some of the fondest memories of my life during the holidays growing up at the ranch and huge family.

"Because we have a big old ranch house, we would always host a tradition of hosting people that didn’t have families, and I think the record is we had 30 people at our Thanksgiving dinner," he recalls in a statement from the band's label. "And we have a tradition that my parents started and every single person goes around and we do a toast before you eat, which can be kind of arduous. But everybody says something that they’re thankful for and that’s what it’s really about.

"It’s about the reflection. And this year we definitely have a lot to be thankful for.”