Matt Stell Reveals His Football Picks

"It’s going to be a fun season."

August 29, 2019
Matt Stell

Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images


With football season underway, Matt Stell is sharing his predictions for the sport this year. 

“In college, my team is the Arkansas Razorbacks," the "Prayed for You" singer reveals in a statement from his label. "We have not looked good for many seasons. Actually, we’ve looked a lot like a “W” on everybody else’s schedule in our conference. So, I’m hoping that changes in the near future."

(FUN FACT: Justin Moore is also a Razorbacks fan, and has a very different outlook for the season!)

"For NFL, you know, I root for the [Tennessee] Titans. Man, I root for the team here in town, which I think they’ll have an uphill battle to make into the playoffs. I think the whole division, pretty much, got better. So we’ll see, but maybe we got better too.”  

And as far as contenders for the Super Bowl go? "It’s going to be interesting. You know, you can’t really bet against Brady and Belichick until they don’t do it. But, know that Gronk’s gone - who knows, father time is undefeated there. Obviously, the Pats will be in the mix, Kansas City will be in the mix. Man, what a bunch of talent that they’ve got. 

"I think Drew Brees has 104% approval rating across the country," he continues. "No one doesn’t like Drew Brees, including me. So, I hope that team does well. I think they can. They’ve got a lot of great skill depth. You know, the Rams are out there doing Rams’ things so it’s going to be a fun season. There’s some parody, and there’s some parody amongst the best teams so I’m excited to see what turns out there. I’m really interested to see how the Browns look with all this talent and trying to turn that thing around. So, it’s going to be a fun season. I’m excited to get it started.”