Midland Can (and Will) Break Up a Bar Fight

"I’ve seen my fair share of like roadhouse-esque brawls."

January 25, 2019

Photo: Laura Farr / AdMedia/Sipa USA


Playing rowdy bars goes with the territory of being an upcoming country band, but fortunately, Midland can hold their own in such an environment.

“My family owns a restaurant, live honkytonk bar and saloon, and when I got bigger up to about 200 pounds my brother and I would come home and we would bounce the bar," lead singer Mark Wystrach recalls in a statement from the band's label. "After like nine o’clock, the restaurant shut down and turned into a honkytonk, and let’s just say I’ve seen my fair share of like roadhouse-esque brawls in there.”

Happily, nothing but good times and good people are expected at Morongo Casino Resort and Spa when Midland plays K-Frog's Birthday Bash this Thursday, January 31st!