Midland's Live Show Is Inspired by Bruce Springsteen

"There is no inauthentic part of that man."

January 15, 2019

Photo: PictureGroup


If you've ever seen Bruce Springsteen in concert, you know what a dynamic, committed performer he is. And that's the kind of show Midland hopes to deliver every single time. 

“What he does night in and night out, is he pours his soul out and there is no inauthentic part of that man," explains lead singer Mark Wystrach. "And he gives it all. And that’s the goal, is to do that and then do it at a very high caliber of music and to provide entertainment and the humor and to distract people.

"This world is full of a lot of bad stuff and stressful stuff," he continues. "Even when life is good, life can be very stressful. Right? With your mortgages, your kids, girlfriends, boyfriends, breakups, you name it. Paying your taxes! And that’s the idea, is that when you come to a show, you should be completely immersed in it. And it is our duty to distract people away from all of the things that are maybe tough in their life and to inspire them maybe.

"And just maybe take them another place, even if it’s for an hour or for three hours, and to let them walk away feeling like, ‘Wow, those guys, we got our money’s worth.’ And that’s the ultimate goal every time. There’s nobody better than Bruce Springsteen in doing that.”

Midland will bring their Springsteen-inspired show to Morongo Casino Resort and Spa Thursday, January 31st for K-Frog's Birthday Bash.