Mike Eli of the Eli Young Band Predicts a Complicated Relationship With His Son

January 9, 2019
Eli Young Band

Photo: Jasen Vinlove / USA TODAY Sports


Mike Eli of the Eli Young Band has his hands full as father to his six year old daughter Kline, and now five month old son Kash. And Mike can already tell his relationship with Kash will be a little different than the one he has with his little girl.

“I was actually just telling my mother-in-law, like I’m pretty sure that he and I are going to have a very complicated relationship, because I’m pretty sure he’s a hothead and he’s a hothead probably like me," he confesses in a statement from his label. "So I think that we’re going to have a pretty complicated relationship.

"But you know being that he’s only five months old, we’re doing a lot of bonding over dirty diapers. But I will say that he is more keen to chillin’ out with me than he is with anyone else. Most of the time with everyone else, he wants you to get up and walk him around the house and do things. But for some reason with daddy he’s more apt to chillin on the couch and watching TV, which it’s kind of an odd thing that like, I’m pretty much kind of the only one that he’ll really do that with.”