Tyler Rich Admits He's Just a Big Kid

July 19, 2018
Tyler Rich

Photo: Dara-Michelle Farr / AdMedia


When it comes to entertaining himself, Tyler Rich marches to the beat of his own drum.

“I love movies," he shares in a statement from his label. "Literally, other than traveling, my favorite hobby is going to the movies in the theater. I’ll go alone. People go , ‘You’re weird. Why do you go sit in a movie theater alone?’ I’m like, ‘Because what’s the difference between watching at home or watching on a way bigger screen than I have?’"

And between his favorite movie genre and his love for theme parks, it's clear that Tyler has a young soul. 

"I love horror movies. I’m a big fan of scary movies. Man, I love going to Disneyland, I’m just a big kid. Theme parks in general, just anything that kind of takes you away from regular life and stress and just kind of sets you in this happy, relaxed moment.”