Tyler Rich Says Learning Guitar Was Harder Than He Thought

January 7, 2019
Tyler Rich

Photo: Larry McCormack / Tennessean


Tyler Rich was a teenager when his grandmother gave him his first guitar, and it turns out - learning to play wasn't quite as easy as Tyler hoped it would be!

“Very first song I learned how to play, my buddy Casey, back in my hometown, he had just started to learn how to play ‘Stand By Me’ and it was just as simple as bom bom bom (tick) bom … bom, bom bom, bom, bom. It was so hard!," he remembers in a statement from his label. "But I got it down and then my uncle taught me ‘Friends in Low Places’ [by Garth Brooks].  And then I switched it up and learned to Blink 182 ‘Dammit.’”