Tyler Rich Shares the Advice He Got from Garth Brooks

"You gotta put your ego to the side."

July 11, 2019
Tyler Rich

Photo: Danielle Del Valle / Stringer / Getty Images


Tyler Rich is one of country's most exciting up and coming performers, but he's also a songwriter, and he says he's learned a lot from one of the genre's most iconic artists.

“One thing, I like to tell people this all the time is, being a songwriter, you gotta put your ego to the side when you’re listening to outside music," Tyler explains in a statement from his label. "Garth Brooks told it to me best.

"He said, ‘Tyler put your ego aside. Write the best songs that you could ever possibly write, but record the best songs that you ever hear.’”

Tyler's a co-writer on his latest single, "Leave Her Wild."