Tyler Rich Shares That Chris Lane Loves Watching the Bachelor

July 11, 2018
Chris Lane

Photo: Ron Elkman / USA TODAY NETWORK


Tyler Rich admits he's not a fan of "The Bachelor," but he knows another country artist who definitely is. 

"I’ve never seen an episode of 'The Bachelor' or any of that kind of stuff," admits "The Difference" singer in a statement from his label. "All of my friends, like Chris Lane, man, Chris is obsessed with The Bachelor. Chris watches The Bachelor … he probably watches The Bachelor before he walks on stage. I’m kidding, but his story’s all the time like ‘Watching The Bachelor on the bus.’ And I’m just like, I’ve never watched it.

"And as far as guilty pleasures, mine would be stupid, simple TBS sitcoms in the middle of the day, like the old reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond or King of Queens or I love, love, love the Tyler Perry – like Meet the Browns," he continues. "Those are some of my favorites. I don’t know why I just am obsessed with those weird, awkward 25 minute comedies.”