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Carly Pearce & Michael Ray

Carly Pearce Dishes on Honeymoon Plans with Michael Ray

Carly Pearce and Michael Ray got married on October 6th - the one weekend before the end of the year when neither one of them had any shows scheduled - and made plans to delay their honeymoon at a resort in Sandals, Jamaica, until closer to the end of the year. As a bonus to spending some time... Read More
Ruthie Collins

Ruthie Collins Plays the Hotel Cafe [Setlist]

While the rest of Los Angeles was seemingly out of town for the holiday, or shopping, singer-songwriters Paul Freeman and Ruthie Collins took turns singing together and singing separately in their set at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood on Black Friday (November 29th). Their history as friends and... Read More
Lady Antebellum

Lady Antebellum Spoofs "Old Town Road" with a Thanksgiving Parody

It's been a while since Lady Antebellum has released a "Lady Haze" parody, but they've dropped one just in time for Thanksgiving! "We wrote [it in] like in 30 minutes backstage," the trio's Charles Kelley recalls in a statement from their label. "And Dave [Haywood] of course, is just so fast with... Read More

These lovable pets are looking for a home for the Holidays!

These lovable pets are looking for a home for Christmas! If you want Unconditional Love and somebody to snuggle with, check these guys out! They have been at the shelter for a while and are looking for someone to open their homes and hearts to them. You can start the new year with a new furry... Read More
Brett Young

Brett Young Most Looks Forward to His Mom's Thanksgiving Gravy

Traditions are one of the most fun things about Thanksgiving, and for Brett Young , the Thanksgiving meal isn't complete without one particular side dish. “For Thanksgiving, aside from the turkey, my thing – and it’s a normal thing to everybody but for whatever reason it’s a staple at Thanksgiving... Read More