Coronavirus Special Features

Gov. Gavin Newsom

Governor Newsom Provides Update On Business Reopenings

Gov. Gavin Newsom addressed the state of California today on when businesses will be able to open back up.
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What Is Convalescent Plasma?

On Sunday evening, President Trump is expected to issue an emergency authorization on the use of convalescent plasma to treat COVID-19. Learn about the plasma-based therapy on RADIO.COM.
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Willie Nelson and Friends

ACM's New Female and Male Artist Nominees Team with Willie Nelson for "On The Road Again (ACM Lifting Lives Edition)"

It's a star-studded affair with today's release of "On the Road Again (ACM Lifting Lives Edition)" featuring Willie Nelson, and this years' ACM New Female and Male Artist nominees.
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Take the Pledge To Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

Join your neighbors, family and friends by taking the pledge to join the fight against COVID.
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Who Should Be First in Line to Get the Coronavirus Vaccine?

As scientists come closer to developing a coronavirus vaccine viable for mass distribution, public health experts and government officials will need to decide who will be prioritized to get the COVID-19 shot first. This is how they will decide.
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Hispanic Residents Facing Highest COVID-19 Fatality Rates in America's Third-Largest County

The Hispanic population in the third-largest county in the United States is facing disproportionate fatality rates due to the coronavirus pandemic. The impact of COVID-19 on Hispanic communities is not unique to Texas, and can be seen across the US.
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McDonald's Will Close 200 Stores After Financial Hit from Pandemic

Add McDonald's to the list of businesses having to close stores, due to financial losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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6 Tips for Parents Sending Their Kids Back to School During COVID-19

Whether your child is going back, learning from home, or both, there are steps you can take to get ready for what may be an unusual academic year. These are a few expert tips to help parents prepare for sending their kids back to school.
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Coronavirus and Lyme Disease Share Similar Symptoms – Here's How to Tell the Difference

As cases surge across the U.S., it’s easy to confuse coronavirus symptoms with those of the common cold, allergies, or even Lyme disease. Read on to find out how you can tell the difference.
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Rose Parade Float

Annual Rose Parade Cancelled for the First Time Since World War II

Rose Parade Organizers today announced the cancellation of the 2021 event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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