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In October 1894, the Banning Brothers - William, Hancock, and Joseph - incorporated the Catalina Island Company, placed title to the Catalina Island land holdings they had acquired two years earlier into their newly-formed company, and then started building for the future. The Bannings planned to develop the island as a resort, and much of the initial development of Avalon took place during their ownership.

When William Wrigley Jr. acquired a majority interest in the Catalina Island Company from the Bannings in 1919, the destiny of the Island began to change forever. This now-historic event cast the die for permanently preserving substantially all of Santa Catalina Island in its natural state. During the next 56 years, various conservation practices were initiated by the Wrigley-led Catalina Island Company, including much-needed animal controls, protection of watersheds and reseeding of overgrazed areas.

A positive sense of future direction and prudent land stewardship continue to be hallmarks of the Catalina Island Company as we enter a new era of exciting challenges and opportunities. Success in achieving these opportunities is a function of external economic/business factors, hard work and a commitment to well-founded business policies and practices. For the Catalina Island Company, our business philosophies are inexorably linked to the high business standards established over time by the two families which have controlled and guided our direction and destiny.

Catalina Island Company invites you to visit any or all of our properties. We operate the Pavilion Hotel, Hotel Atwater, Catalina Expeditions, Catalina Visitors Country Club, Catalina Island Golf Course, Descanso Beach Club, Casino Ballroom, Avalon Grille and all operations located at the resort town of Two Harbors.