Know The Warning Signs Of Suicide

Tuesday, April 16th

Diana Brown is manager of the Prevention and Early Intervention Program with Riverside University Health System—Behavioral Health.

The primary objectives of the program is to reduce risk factors associated with the development of mental illness.

She talked about a special suicide prevention exhibit featuring Kevin Briggs. For over 20 years, former California Highway Patrol Officer Sergeant Briggs patrolled the San Francisco Bay area helping prevent over 200 suicides.

Kevin Briggs speaks during the “Send Silence Packing” suicide prevention exhibit on April 22 from 9am to 3pm at 3700 Main Street Riverside, giving new hope to people contemplating suicide.

The “Send Silence Packing” suicide prevention exhibit will also be at Mt San Jacinto College Menifee Campus on April 23rd and at College of the Desert April 25th.