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Rev Up Your Midlife Metabolism

Danna Demetre is a Registered Nurse, an author, speaker and co-founder of Lean Healthy Ageless. Robyn Thomson, an advanced clinical weight loss practitioner...

Concerns Over Bail Reform

Bail reform has become a popular social justice cause in recent years. However, twenty-seven top researchers from Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Columbia, NYU and UC...

Temecula Reports Record Job Growth

Temecula reported the highest job growth numbers ever recorded in Temecula with a total of 62,057 jobs, up nearly 4,000 jobs since 2017. Temecula Mayor Pro Tem...

Smokey Bear's 75th Anniversary

Smokey Bear, one of the most well-known icons in advertising history, is celebrating his 75th anniversary. To mark the occasion, Smokey is starring in a new...