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Dumb, Drunk, or Drugs

Friday, April 20th
Every Friday Kelli gives Scott some real headlines and he has to figure out if the person is dumb, drunk, or on drugs. This week's include a possum and all 3...

Yum or Dumb?

Friday, April 20th
Scott will eat anything! So Kelli gives him a rundown of new and trendy foods, because if he won't eat it, no one will.

Bebe Rexha Interview

Friday, April 20th
Bebe Rexha spills the bean about whether she's going to join Florida Georgia Line at Stagecoach or not. Plus she raves the country music community.

Brothers Osborne Interview

Thursday, April 19th
Brothers Osborne chatted with Scott and Kelli about their new album Port Saint Joe and the significance or lack thereof of it's release date on 4/20. They also...